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Bollywood actor Ajay Devgan looks completely fit in whatever role he plays in the films. Ajay is busy in doing many projects these days. Ajay is soon going to work in a biopic of a person who has brought India to a different level.
Ajay Devgan will play the lead role in legendary football coach Syed Abdul Rahim 's biopic. Abdul Rahim is known as the architect of football. His career as a coach is considered as a golden period in Indian football. According to the report, the film is going to be directed by Amit Sharma. The film will be based on the golden journey of the football world from 1951 to 1962.
Under the supervision of coach Syed Abdul Rahim, the Indian team won gold medal in the Asian Games in 1962 by defeating the then Best Team South Africa. This was the same period when India had all the successes in football. After this, India was named as the 'Brazil of Asia'.
According to the report, Amit Sharma does not want to take any risk with the film. That is why he has called a sports choreographer from Hollywood. Apart from this, football players are also in talks so that they can help actors to develop their sports skills.
The shooting of the film may start by the end of June this year. At the same time, Mumbai, Kolkata, Hyderabad and Delhi have been selected for film shooting locations. An attempt will be made to show the film in the 1950s through visual effects.
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