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Remember way back during school days, we use to hate waking up in the morning. Recalling the previous days when doing homework was burden to us. Every day was like oh god I don’t want to go to school. Who made this school? Why there is school?
Everyone had been gone through this “oh god! When will I grow up and go to work so that there will be no pressure of homework, studies and etc.
School days was the age where we people don’t have any worries, responsibilities and lead the life with full of happiness. Those days were really awesome as there was no jealous or selfishness in that age.
We all were like colourful butterflies which used flew happily. And how can we forget about the subjects. Subjects were used to so confusing. Everybody used to hate maths. It was the toughest subject for all of us, Teachers were used to say if one person understands maths, then it will be the easiest subjects of all and one cannot leave without maths. But do you think it’s true, definitely not.
More fights were occur in lunch break to grab our friend’s lunch boxes. Within a minute, all the lunch boxes will become empty. Eating lunch before lunch break is something each one of us have done sometime or the other.
Well, for most of the people, school days are always memorable despite of punishment, assignment, practical exams and so on. You still might be missing your school days and school friends.
Though, You Can plan for a reunion with your school mates, and it will give you joy and satisfaction. You will have one more opportunity to relive your school days once again.
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