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Our life has changed a lot from what it was a decade back, and we realize it only when we think about it. We used to have different kind of conversation, used to buy different kind of thing, used to have a love for different kind of things, and with time most of the things have changed. Do you remember going to the shop and buying 4 toffees of 0.25 paise each at Re.1? Things have changed as now we need chocolates like Bourneville which comes at more than 100 bucks because even taste changes with time. Going to the shop and dying to get a Shaktimaan suit as he was your favourite superhero, now you need Marvel tees as Shaktimaan is old and it might embarrass you and the thoughts that people would make fun too.

Now when we go to the car shop for buying a car, we ask the car dealer to install the anti-theft system in it. But a decade back when we had a bicycle, getting a bell for it was enough to make us happy. Now when we go to the shop we have a list of products that we have to buy like for hair we need shampoo, conditioner, and hair gel but back then getting Medimix soap felt like a victory as it could have been used both as a soap and a shampoo and it saved us some money.

Playing low graphics games made us happy as the games had interesting gameplay. Now the first requirement for any of the users is to get a game that has high graphics, or they will just uninstall it in a moment of its use. There were a lot of things that have changed with the passing time, and we are not complaining about it as it’s a good thing but we do forget about it, and that is something which should not happen.

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- Rajat Priyam
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