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March 12 marks an important day in the history of the Internet as 30 years back World Wide Web took birth by the hard work of computing legend Tim Berners-Lee.

A brief history of the World Wide Web as it completed 30 years today.

• Internet and World Wide Web are two terms which are used interchangeably but there exists a difference between both. Internet was available in some parts of the world before 1960 in some form. It was in 1967 that the internet was shared with each other.

• It began with ARPANET where defence organisations and American research organisations used it to share data with each other which was followed by Internet Protocol. All these technologies were however out of reach of common people.

• By 1991, Lee developed the first browser and URL, a universal locator which helped to browse the internet as we do today. It was made accessible to the common people in May 1991.

What can WWW do which was not possible with another technology

1. It is possible to share data with any device worldwide which was not possible with ARPANET because there was no universal language to share the protocols, standards and procedures which comprises the Internet.

2. Each host, in fact, had a set of specific protocols and to log in, users were required to know the host’s own ‘language’.

Thus, the world wide web has made sharing of data so easy which was not possible earlier.

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Author- Neha Wadhwa
Design credits - Vikas Kakkar

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