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Have you ever noticed the sad eyes of dogs who are always in search of their owner which can love them, feed them time to time and they don’t have to live alone rest of their life? Their sad stories include lots of struggle… and what we do we scold them and make them afraid.

So, ‘No More Sadness’ as we have people on earth who think a lot for these cute and most loyal animals. An app- “GetPet” is a dog adoption app that helps dogs find forever homes.

The development of the application began on October 19th, 2018 in Lithuania as a part of the “Hack4Vilnius” Vilnius city Hackathon by our little team including 7 volunteers. “For a long time while taking care of homeless animals and helping animal shelters I could only dream about a modern tool to solve most relevant animal welfare issues in Lithuania. Now I am happy, that it unexpectedly came true, all because of our enthusiastic team, which voluntarily gathered their skills and power to create GetPet project and make it happen” said one of the makers of the app.

Behind the app the idea is to get the home to the pets, it is so strong and powerful that the makers of the GetPet keep on working until on January 17th, 2019 the application GetPet was launched and successfully reached more than 5000 people with the mobile devices.

This is not only helpful for the homeless dogs, but also for people who want to shelter a pet. Pets are so loyal and they only need your love and in return shower their whole love on you. So the app helping homeless dogs, and since the app launched two dogs have already found their new families and a permanent house.

The process of the app is very simple and it quite similar to the extremely successful dating app- Tinder. Yes, you get it right, the app is actually Tinder-inspired app. If you like the pet ‘swipe right’ to show your love and for no love at first sight- ‘swipe left’. After that, you can open your favorite’s list and choose one or even two pets you would like to bring home and save from loneliness.

Author-Simran Bhatnagar

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