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Spring season is always the most favorite one than other seasons in a year. As this season gifts us so many happiness either it is beautiful blossom trees or spring festival, the season is the most enjoyable one in all over the world. You can also see many different species of flora and fauna.

From Easter celebration in the West to Hinamatsuri in the Far East, here is the look of various spring festivals and their inside pictures in 2019 from all across the world.

Hinamatsuri (March 3)

The festival is all about dolls, though it is also known by the name of Doll’s Day or Girl’s Day and has important value in Japanese culture. On this day, tiered platforms are covered with red carpets that are completely decorated with cute Japanese dolls which represent the royal family, musicians, and attendants in traditional court attire of the Heian period.

Holi (March 21)

Holi is the festival of color and the festival is celebrated across the Indian subcontinent and is also popular across the world, which includes Indian/South Asian populations. The festival besides being one of the spring festivals, it also signifies ‘victory of good over evil.’

Fallas de San José (March 15-19)

The festival held in Valencia, Spain to memorialize St. Joseph, the festival accommodate a large number people from neighborhoods organized into groups called “Casal faller” and the festivals hold some fundraising parties, dinners and build effigies called “falla” that are then burned once the festival is over.

Saint Patrick's Day (March 17)

The festival is the cultural and religious one in Ireland and it is celebrated to observe the death of the foremost patron saint Ireland, Saint Patrick. In the festival, you can encounter the culture and rich heritage of the Irish community and it also accommodates the arrival of Christianity in Ireland.

Author-Simran Bhatnagar

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