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I have seen people walking and jogging early in the mornings to reduce weight, control sugar, and reduce stress and blood pressure. But, I, myself have noticed in day to day life walking in a figure of eight pattern works out for all these purposes. We humans have a bad habit of forgetting our forefathers treatment modalities like acupuncture and natural therapy, in which they have proved that this type of walking practices for around thirty minutes can do wonders for us.

Let’s just take a look at the procedure to follow in “8 “ pattern walking: .

A) Direction – north to south (or) south to north
B) Measurements – 10ft X 10ft
C) Age: other than children
D) Time: any time, but at half an hour intervals before and after a meal

Practically in my own life, I had been walking for ten minutes in between my patient visit; I drastically noticed that I reduced evenly and also felt fresh both in mind and body. Not only is that, even in research, but this pattern also proving its efficiency in health.

Nowadays, many doctors suggest this type of combined exercise involving both essentials that are, mind and body. Hope by reading this short article we all can change our walking style and be healthier. If possible, it can be incorporated in schools and colleges for all the staffs to make our country people develop not only in the economy and wealth but also in health.

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