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If life is a dish, humour is a vital ingredient to make it as sumptuous as it can get but sometimes things can go off limits, eventually giving birth to crass in the guise of a ‘joke’.
Today, every 8 seconds a woman gets sexually assaulted in some part of the world and in such grave times, some people are busy entertaining themselves with their supposedly ‘funny’ rape jokes. I was 13 when Rajkumar Hirani’s ‘3 Idiots’ was released and the ‘Balatkaar-Chamatkaar’ monologue got immensely popular; yes, I did laugh my ass off at that scene but as I grew up and my horizons broadened, I realized that the scene was really unfunny and bad in taste. It wasn’t something that we should have encouraged.

Salman Khan, the global icon who is followed by many is clearly not setting some good reasons to love him. During the conference of one of his movies, he was seen saying that he felt like a ‘raped’ woman during the course of the shoot; well Mr Khan, you clearly need to work hard on your driving skills and humour quotient, because it is bad as fuck!

And, why am I ranting about the big shot celebs, on the outer surface also we have so many people around us who crack ‘rape jokes’ to sound funny. I bet you have encountered many people using phrases like ‘Tu to rapist lag raha hai’, ‘Sale rap kar raha hai ki rape kar raha hai’ etc. Oh. Let me just tell you a fresh case where I discovered these two very ‘funny’ lads, so I was travelling via metro when these two guys came and stood beside me, one of them started the conversation asking: ‘Bhai, tera sapna kya hai?’ (Bro, what is your dream?), to which the other guy replied: ‘Yaar mai chahta hun 16-17 saal ki ladki ka rape kardun aur TV par aake famous hojaun’(I want to rape a 17 yr old girl and get famous) and the conversation was followed by a big LAUGH!

So, you see people are so ignorant towards the pain and suffering of such a monstrous deed that it makes me wonder about the world we are living in. People need to realize the degree of heinous crime that rape is, a rape victim goes through a lot of emotional setbacks, mental trauma (PTSD and stuff) and physical wounds; do you really think that igniting jokes related to this topic is worth it?

People need to be educated and every eminent member of society needs to be a bit more careful with words they choose because they actually influence the society on a bigger scale, everyone needs to understand that RAPE IS NOT A JOKE. PERIOD.
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- Shivam
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