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Pull ups and Chin ups are two of the most important exercises that the gym trainers around the globe suggest everyone to practice. It doesn’t just strengthen your core but also provides you with developed back and bigger biceps as well.
However, there has been this never ending debate among fitness enthusiasts that which one from the two is better and why?

Well, the answer is both are very useful and important. The only difference that arrives in the argument is that when one takes the position to hit some reps of chin-ups, the bicep/arm muscles get more room to get strengthen up, hence the development of biceps while doing chin-ups is fast and better.

While, when we are in a mood to do pull-ups, our hands are made to open as wide as it can get, which is why the tension applied on biceps during pull-ups is comparatively less than that of chin-ups. The bicep muscles, thus, take time to develop and get strengthen up. But, if we talk about the back muscles, then they really get benefitted from this exercise as the back muscles attain a lot of room to expand and contract, hence achieving a wider back by doing pull-ups gets a bit easier.

Having said that, one should note that a mix of pull-ups and chin-ups can be incorporated in your transformation program. This will not just develop the back and bicep muscles but it will also fortify your shoulder muscles.

So, what are you still waiting for? Wear your gym attire and hit the gym right away! Big Muscles Are Calling!
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- Shivam
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