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Art is imaginative, it can help us infuse creativity in everyday things (demanded that we keep our senses alive and alert!). An artist in France recently got touched with the ‘artistic light’ and created an illustrative series where he paints the ‘Missing Parts’ for objects and things that he finds in his surroundings.
The artist who goes by the name Lois Low says: “A few years ago, I started drawing on paper, using different tools such as pencils or Rotring pens. At first, it was cool but I wanted to go further. I decided to go out of my usual workplace and find something new. I played with lines and shapes, drew different things surrounding me and focused on giving reality a new sense. Honestly, it was a revelation! I must admit that there was much work to do but I really enjoyed it. Sometimes I visit places and different things or objects give me the idea of the drawing, sometimes I draw something and then decide to combine with a particular place or object.”

Here are some of the best works of this creative man:-

1). All It Takes To Carve A Rabbit Is Orange Peels And Carrot

2). Take A Moment To Appreciate The Beauty Of This Picture

3). The Long Neck Beauty

4). Pull Me Closer

5). Let Me Peek

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- Shivam
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