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The grass is always greener on the other side. No matter what you do, you'll always be able to find faults within what you have, and appreciate what others have. But do you know why does that happen?

Right from our childhood, we have been listening No for everything. You cannot do this; you cannot do that. You cannot go there, you cannot eat that, you cannot talk to them. We have been so used to hearing the No for everything that we become so negative in our life. Those who say it probably may not realise it but this one word can have a huge impact on our mind.

Understand like this. Don’t we always focus on the things we cannot have or what we don’t have in our life? What happens because of that is we end up pushing ourselves for things we cannot do in life. Instead of using our strength to do things which we are able to do all we do is worry about the things which we cannot do in our lives and in doing that we lose a part of ourselves which we should have strengthened.

We need to understand this fact that if we stress about the things which we cannot do we won’t be able to do the things which we are capable to do. If we really want to be successful in our life, we should use our abilities and skills instead of thinking about the things which we cannot do because everyone is different. Everyone has their own struggle in life. So everyone has to follow their path in order to be successful.

Instead of focusing on what everyone else has, focus on what you have and try to improve it. As long as you focus on others, you'll never be able to focus on yourself. Keep your eyes where they should be and just keep improving yourself. If you change, everything changes. If you don't, nothing does.
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Author- Neha Wadhwa
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