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Goa is great fame for its beautiful beach, casino, and bar, but if you have a passion for art, literature, and culture, Goa will not disappoint you. Here you will find a lot of attractive magazines. Madgaa is famed as the administrative headquarters of South Goa district with art, food, music, and sports like you do not find anywhere else.

Margao is a city in western Indian state of Goa. Its Portuguese colonial past 1675 Baroque Holy Spirit is evident in church buildings, with its ornate interior and pipe organ. Sat Burzam Ghor is a magnificent 1700s mansion, with its roots remaining 3 out of 7. Colonial municipal buildings and libraries are included in Margo Municipal Garden. In the Southwest, Benoolem, the Goa Chitra Museum exhibits antiquated equipment.

If you want to see a glimpse of art and culture in Goa then go to Madgaon in South Goa. Festivals, food, movies, music, and sports at this place is hugely popular. It is also called the Cultural Capital of Goa. The Portuguese who lived here before Independence also took the culture here with them. In Portugal, people still buy spices from Madgaon.

Like any part of Goa, the history of Margao is also full of slavery wounds. Social harmony here also sets an example. Famous cartoonist Mario Miranda lived in Goa. Even if you have made plans for Goa and Casino, you should definitely go to Gurgaon in South Goa because at last it better to take it whatever comes out of the cool place.

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