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Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation Limited (IRCTC) has brought its passengers a new tour package to visit Kerala one of the most beautiful states of India. Kerala State is situated on the Malabar coast and is known for its beaches, backwater and beautiful beaches, lakes and canals. Kerala has its palette of sightseeing spots from wildlife Sanctuary to refreshing tea, coffee, and spices gardens.

The opportunity to see the beauty of this state in close proximity has inspired IRCTC to come up with a tour package for the travelers. The name of this tour package is 'Majestic Kerela with House Boat Extension Visakhapatnam'. Under this, you will be rotated in Cochin, Munar, and Kumarakom. The tour has been scheduled to begin from March 23, 2019.

IRCTC will provide 5 breaks, 5 dinners and 1 lunch for all passengers during this 5-day tour package. The tour will start from Visakhapatnam and passengers will be taken to Cochin via the flight. About 25 people will be included in a group for the trip.

Tour package
For this tour package, one person will have to spend 36 thousand 810 rupees. If you want to book this tour package for two people, then you have to spend 25 thousand 310 rupees. While bookings of three people will cost only 23 thousand 540 rupees. At the time of booking for children of two to five years of age, money will be deposited only at the IRCTC counter.

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