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Moving from the airport to the Colombo, the coconut trees on both sides of the highway raise the beauty of the colonnades. The houses built between small forests give the most beautiful feeling to walk by. Colombo is very much ahead in the field of culture, it reeks a glimpse of old culture and prosperity. If you are planning to travel somewhere out of the country then Colombo is ‘the’ destination that would not fall hard on your pocket as well.

If someone waves a hand to cross the road, the traffic comes to stand still. There is no overtaking. The roads are clean, there is no sign of dirt anywhere, the car will stand on one side of the road and you will be inspired to see the friendly nature of people. Colombo is not only famous for its beauty but also for shopping.

If you are interested in Local and Traditional Art and Craft, then there is so much for you in Colombo's Gail Road. You must definitely go to The Bearfoot Gallery located here. From clothing to carpets, furniture, wall hangings gallery reek tradition at its best. Ravana is still alive here in masks. These masks made of natural flower colors in a piece of wood make you drag on your side. In the local market here, you will find antique items that would make a perfect decoration for your home.

Peta Market is the largest and affordable market here. If you are fond of eating then you will not find this better place anywhere else. Right from seafood to North-Indian, South Indian, Chinese, you will find exotic delights to soothe your craving beer belly. In the Gangaram Temple, you will get accustomed to the long-lived heritage. Do not forget to go to Independence Square. Independence Hall is a very spectacular sculpture made of the brownstone where a grand statue of the Father of Nation Silva Sena-Nayak makes you acquainted with the glory of Sri Lanka

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