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Sports redefine our life for better; I mean I cannot think of better ways to gel up with people but sports; that’s how important it is in our lives.
Planet Earth or Planet C-53 (Sorry for being a Marvel fan boy!) is blessed with many great sports personalities who are no less than a ‘GOD’ in their respective sports:-

1). Roger Federer

When Federer sways the racket, you cannot blink an eye; the man’s greatness cannot be defined in words but it can surely be defined in records; with 20 grand slam victories and several other honours, there is no one like Federer and there will never be anyone like him.

2). Lionel Messi And Ronaldo

These two football legends changed the course of the game single-handedly, people on the internet have created fan bases to debate ‘who is the greatest of all time?’ but we say that both of them are equally talented and we are elated as anything that we got to see both of these beauties grace the ground.

3). Sachin Tendulkar And Virat Kohli

If Sachin is the ‘God’ then Kohli is definitely going to carry his legacy on his shoulders. Many great personalities and cricket experts have also hailed Kohli as the next big thing happened to Indian cricket after Sachin. Both of these players have a knack for hitting centuries, both of them have always come ahead and rescued the team with their fine skills and I am extremely proud that both of these legends are Indians.

4). Michael Jordan

The man who popularized NBA across the globe definitely deserved a mention in the list. Jordan, a 10 time NBA scoring champion who managed to score 38 points when he was suffering from flu is one man whose story still inspire us to the cores.

5). Floyd Mayweather

Yes, I accept the fact that he is a bit flamboyant but if we keep that aside and just focus on his gameplay then he is definitely the GOAT of the boxing ring. Just to give you a hint, Floyd has fought some deadly boxers and has never lost a match.
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- Shivam
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