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I can sleep all day, I am lazy AF and I can get as playful as it can get; Oh, wait, am I a Panda? Yes, well, most of us consider the adorable pandas as our spirit animal, don’t we?
So, let us get to know about our beloved lazy ass freak a little more: -

1). Generally, Pandas are seen eating plants and bamboos as their staple diet but did you know that these mammals are omnivorous in nature and love to eat small animals and fishes as well.

2). When a Panda is born, it looks pink in colour and weighs not more than 20gm. Also, Pandas are born blind, it is after eight weeks of their birth that their eyes start to function.

3). Pandas are often confused with bears but the truth is that they are far different from bears. During cold weather, bears hibernate but pandas just shift to lower region with slightly warmer temperature.

4). Pandas are considered very regressive about their sexual desires, so much so that around 50 percent of male pandas do not possess any sexual yearning at all. That, kind of explains the limited population of Pandas, eh!

5). Pandas have been living on Earth for 3 million years now, the first time that these cute mammals were seen was in the year 1869 by a French missionary.

The sad fact is that these munchkins are slowly shifting at the verge of extinction. Currently, there are just 1000 pandas in the world and if nothing is done soon, Pandas will leave nature forever!
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- Shivam
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