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Dhanurasana is an asana in which the body takes after the state of a bow in the last position. The asana is in all respects generally referred to as Bow Pose too. It is one of the means of the prominent succession of asanas known as PadhmaSadhana. Fruitful rehearsing of Dhanurasana has been known to reduce a ton of challenges, both physical and mental.

The most effective method to practice the posture

To begin with rests with your stomach looking down, and keep your feet somewhat separated.

Expand your hands and snatch the lower legs of the separate legs. Twist the legs too to make this conceivable.

With the lower legs snatched, take a full breath in and lift your chest.

In the meantime, pull your legs up utilizing the hands too.

In the last position, the body accomplishes the state of a bow.

Endeavor to stay in this position serenely for no less than 15-20 seconds, after which you can breathe out and convey your body to rest.

The Benefits

Stomach and back muscles are fundamentally fortified.
Conceptive organs are animated and work at their ideal.
Arm and leg muscles are conditioned.
Increments back adaptability.
It is prescribed to ladies experiencing menstrual issues.
Lightens clogging issues.
Extraordinary uneasiness reliever.
Individuals experiencing renal issues are likewise encouraged to rehearse this asana.
Security Measures

Individuals with either low or hypertension are encouraged to evade the Dhanurasana.
People confronting issues with their backs, necks or guts ought to likewise counsel with a specialist before rehearsing the asana.
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