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Although there is no shortage of beautiful places across India, Kerala has its own spot on a backpackers list. As soon as you enter in Kerala you will be enthralled with a scenic view that is just too pretty to ignore. Interestingly, CNN has recently spotted best places in Kerala that every travel buff should pay a visit to in 2019. From mountains to rivers, waterfalls and beautiful forests you can envision the place you like. So, let us know what these places are all about and why they are all fun to be at.

Talk about places to visit in Kerala, the locals will advise you to head to Alappi. Known as one of the best places to visit Alappi is popular for touring the curb on the Kerala Houseboat. Apart from the sea in Alappi, Ambala Puja Shri Krishna Temple, Krishnapuram Palace, is a good place to visit the Merari beach. After Alappi you can go to Munnar. This is one of the popular hill stations of Kerala and the country.

Tea plantations are spread over 80 thousand miles in Munnar. Green tea extends along the tea plantation and attracts your mind. Varkala is one of the best beaches in Kerala. Located 51 miles from Thiruvananthapuram, Varkala draws tourists from all over the world with its natural charm and high rocks.

Kovalam is also one of the favorite places here. These places are very famous for Beach, The Lighthouse Beach and Hawah Beach. People here enjoy the famous Ayurvedic Body Massage of Sun Bath, Swimming, Cruising and Kerala. Here, people come from far away to see the unique sun view.

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