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After 'Raazi', now A Spy Film will be Made On RAW Agent Ravindra Kaushik AKA 'Black Tiger'. The film will be directed by Raj Kumar Gupta, who has directed movies like No One Killed Jessica and Raid.

RAW Agent Ravindra Kaushik AKA 'Black Tiger' born in the border town of Rajasthan- Gangasagar had love for the dramas and India right from the childhood. It was probably his interest in dramas which got him designated as a Raw agent. During his stage performance as a spy in one of the play he was offered a job in RAW when some official from the RAW saw his performance and thought that he was born to serve the nation.

This was when he was selected as a RAW agent after several background checks. He went to Delhi FOR intense training in spy-tactics for 2 years in Delhi after graduating in commerce. He went to Saudi Arabia after completing his training in New Delhi. Later on he was landed in Pakistan for undercover project. He knew Punjabi language which was an added advantage on the land of Pakistan.

Ravindra Kaushik proved a valuable asset for the India where he passed on sensitive important information about Pakistan from the year 1979-1983 for 4 years. This information helped to spoil the mission of Pakistan several times.
It was probably his exceptional expertise in deceptive skills which gave him the name of ‘Black Tiger by Indira Gandhi.

During his last days he was caught by Pakistan while he was on some mission. He was given death sentence which was changed to life imprisonment with the efforts of Indian government. After spending all his precious years between four walls of the jail, he was succumbed to Tuberculosis and died in 2001.
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Author- Neha Wadhwa
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