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In the way to my office, I was actually lost in thoughts, and these thoughts are not about any human, actually, my brain was giving some human powers to the things that we get to see daily. And it was so funny to build a scene and creating conversations between non-living things.

Have you ever thought just like your “talking parrot” if you got a talking phone or your cake is talking with other cake what will happen and what they will talk about?

I have shown their talks with some illustrations, and I am sure you will roll on the floor while reading. Let’s go and see what they are saying:

1. Playing Cards:

This is actually the truth, sometimes while playing you can see friends fighting over money.

2. Waiting Can Be So Long:

Miss. Vanilla you have to wait as your chocolate ice-cream has many more layers to unfold.

3. Travel Story:

Guess what a landline who always stay at home, the one who always chained by wire will ask the travel-lover smartphone about his travel story and will be the answer of him? “I travel mostly in a bathroom.

4. Fan Following:

We know poor coffee how it feels, but it is a truth that Tea has such a huge fan following.

5. Dressing Up:

I guess chocolate cake is not in the mood!

6. So Cheesy:

What?? Along with human talking powers, I guess the piece of cake has also taken some flirting traits.

Author-Simran Bhatnagar

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