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Game of Thrones’ has become the most popular series till now and with the recent season, season 7, just being completed, many of you might want to dress up as your favorite characters.

There are many looks you can try, like the royal, classic style of the Kings, Queens and Lords of Westeros, the simple yet elegant look of Essos, the fierce Dothraki look, the all-black Night’s Watch style, the cozy and furry North look, the wild look of the Free Folk and the deadly White Walker’s look.

So, if you are a true Game of Thrones fan, we swear to you, you will love these looks.

John Snow
Jon’s Night’s Watch look is one of the popular cosplay looks and can be recreated easily. A black vest, a black furry collar, simple black trousers, big black boots, and black leather gloves are all that you require. As the character has long, black, curly hair, you may need a wig. Now find a sword (like Jon’s Longclaw) for yourself and you are good to go.

Daenerys Targaryen
The character adapts different looks throughout the show, but the simple one is a floor-length gown with a matching cape and heels. The noticeable thing about her look is her blonde, uniquely braided hair, which is not that easy to copy. One can find on Youtube similar braiding styles like Khaleesi. For braiding your hair, you will need a wig or dye your hair if you do not have natural blonde locks. You can add accessories like elegant neck pieces and belts and a toy dragon to complete your Khaleesi look.

Melisandre / Kinvara
For the simple Red priestess look of Melisandre and Kinvara, you just need a long, red dress with long sleeves and the unique neck piece. Do wear your neck piece or else you will be turned into an old lady. The characters are red-heads, so you may probably need a wig or dye your locks to red. And yes don’t forget to praise the lord of light.

Khal Drogo
If the Dothraki look is your favorite, you must definitely try this look. You need a faux leather armor and belt, arm and wrist guards, brown pants, brown boots, sickle, long black wig, and beard. And a little makeup to give you the savage, fierce looks of the Khal. This looks can even be made better if you click a picture sitting on a horse or with your Khaleesi.

Night King
This look is an expensive one because you need to buy the whole costume which consists of Night King mask, torso, and gloves made of silicone, long black boots, metal armor, and spear. Also, do not forget those intimidating blue eyes. Your badass super villain look will be incomplete without those cold blue eyes.

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