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In films, many times you may have seen ghostly spirits and ghostly paths, but if this happens in reality then in reality. But you are very anxious about this matter because there is no concrete evidence yet available with ghosts and spirits.
But there are many people who have shared their experiences about the ghostly places, there are some such scary places where you go, your soul will be shaken.
The heart of Delhi, that is the cornerstone of Agrasen near Connaught Place. There are 106 steps to go in. Maharaja Agrasen built it to store water. But it is said that there was black water in it which provokes people to commit suicide. It is forbidden to go here after dark.
Shaniwar Wada fort near Pune is equally as beautiful as the fortress. The story behind this is that the Prince who was living in the house was murdered by his relatives and wife. It is said that even today the prince's soul wanders in this fort. People are not allowed to come here after the evening.
Damas beach near the Arabian Sea in Surat is also considered one of the scariest places. In fact, the funeral was done here before the dead people. It is believed that people souls wander here. The government has also termed it as a hunt.
The Bhangarh fort of Rajasthan is famous for the horror of the world. After the matter of horror, activities have been revealed, the government has imposed entry restrictions on any person after the sunset. Built-in Rajgarh tehsil of Alwar, this fort was built in the 17th century.
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