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In today’s date, you will easily find girls suffering from PCOD, only thanks to the new lifestyle that we all have adapted. We overwork our bodies, eat so much fast food, skip foods and not eat on time, drink less water and so many other factors are also responsible for this.

Bollywood actress Kareena Kapoor’s Nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar has come up with a small list of foods that can save you from PCOD problems. The seeds, pulses, and activities mentioned are easily available or can be done without taking much strain.

Let’s have a look at what she has come up with:

1. Seeds:

Every morning after waking up, take a teaspoon of aliv (Halim seeds/ garden seeds cress) seeds every day and swallow then with milk. Remember that meal timing is equally important. There has been a hormonal system that you follow wherein there is a rhythm in your daily lifestyle. If you do, your ovaries will favor you by bringing your period cycle will be track once again.

2. Breakfast:

Never ever think of skipping breakfast. Have your dinner early in the night and morning and evening snacks must be healthy and preferably fruits. And do not forget to take your pulses in your meal time.

3. Strength Training:

Have you ever thought that strength training will be helpful to stop your PCOD problems? Do strength exercise at least one to two time in a week, it will help in taking care of your metabolism to an optimum level and will relieve your body from collecting body fat.

4. Early Bed Routine:

If you are suffering from PCOD then you need to look at your sleeping habits. Go early at bed at night and after completing your eight-hour sleep wake up early in the morning and go for your exercise routine. Ditch your phone, as the lights from the phone, is harmful when sleeping.

5. Stress:

One more proven thing that fact your health and cause PCOD that is- stress. Stress is very bad for health it only gives you PCOD but also ruin your body from inside as well and make it hollow. Yoga and meditation can help you in getting out of your stress and relaxing your brain cells.
Author-Simran Bhatnagar
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