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A 90s kid would know what it was like running back home after a long grueling day at school, and sitting in front of the TV to watch your favorite cartoon. Bliss it is. Years have passed, but these cartoons to not fail to excite us. From Richie Rich To Courage The Cowardly Dog Show, here are the best cartoons from the nineties that still occupies a space in most of us hearts.


The adventures of Pingu, along with his sister, Pinga and his best friend Robby, the show fictionally represented the lives of these penguins in Antarctica, their lives in those igloos and the way they all worked around there. The best part about this show was its ‘Penguin Language’ and the loud honking noises. The noise that they made while walking was adorable.

Popeye – The Sailor Man

His white uniform, his chemistry with Olive, his rivalry and victory over Bluto – everything because of the small can of Spinach in his hand was incredible. This man made every kid eat Spinach and trust us, we felt those muscles flex after we had spinach. Popeye was one man who used to get out of all the trouble just by eating spinach and his storage was just unbelievable.

Powerpuff Girls

It was a ritual to narrate every single word of the theme song as the show started. Right from how they were made – when their creator added a little ‘Chemical X’ and the girls were born. The things they did to Mojo Jojo and the way they talked to the pickle-eating mayor and his headless secretary was something to be idealized.

Richie Rich

A wealthy boy goes on adventures with his dog Dollar and Gloria. The guy in the red sweater with a big R made on it though looked wealthy but the show constantly delivered the message that money cannot buy anything and everything. The show was so popular among children that many movies were also made on this story-line.

The Adventures of Scooby-Doo

The brown dog and Shaggy, Velma, Daphne and Fred hunting down ghosts and solving mysteries, the way they worked only and only for Scooby snacks and how they always solved the mystery in their attractive mystery van was the highlight of the nineties cartoon shows.

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