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Eat, Play and Live…….Let’s add laughter to life.” Comedy is a must-have in our lives today and Stand-up comedy is swelling with love and finance as a profession day by day. Here is a list of some really cool stand up comedians you need to follow. (Alphabetical order will be followed).

1. Abish Matthew
Abish, an actor/musician born in Noida, never fails to amuse with his sense of humor. His hilarious take on multitasking and what women think in bed is an apt example of just how humorous he can be. Another must watch video of Abish is his description of the difference in a train vs. plane. Abish Matthew also wins our hearts with his powerful capacity of understanding and analyzing situations from his own perspective and then turning even tragic situations into light-hearted comedy.

2.Atul Khatri
This guy looks a bit older than the generation engaged in delivering and savoring stand-up comedy but nonetheless, he has is own charisma of winning over the audience. Atul Khatri is one of the members of the ‘East India Comedy’ and the only Indian to perform at the ‘Hong Kong International Comedy Festival’ in 2014. He has given the best description of the film Ram Leela one could ever hear off. Another one of his best videos is his experience at the Wagah Border. He is one of the best stand-up comedians one can come across.

3. Biswa Kalyan Rath
Here comes the Oriya guy! A man who considered himself to be one of the biggest losers in his life at some point is one of the most beloved comedians in India right now. He is a stick-thin harmless figure who delivers quite intellectual contents with a philosophical bend which will turn your thought process upside down and left, right, center. You’d be lying if you said you haven’t watched all of his videos already. He also got featured on 9gag for his unquestionable truth about introverts. He is just amazing.

4. Daniel Fernandes
Well, looking for some swag? Start following Fernandes and you will never look back! One of the best stand -up comedians of India, he’s got it all to do stand up comedy – guts, wit, and intellect. His sense of humor is sharp and blatantly unbiased. He never shies away from stripping off the whos who of their delicate pretentions. His recent video on Rape Threats (watch before you judge) is totally legit. He never shies away from speaking on controversial topics like the ‘US Presidential Election’ and ‘Feminism.’

5. Gabriel Iglesias
Gabriel Iglesias calls himself Fluffy and is known among his audience as Fluffy. A comedian with a fine taste, this guy can easily make jokes on himself and his life and simultaneously, spare none!

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