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Trend and demand for animated movies are everlasting for they show both cute and funny side of cinema. The cinema across boundaries has taken its toll but animated movies still make it to the top when it comes to garnering money and audience. With that being said, let's relive the all-time famous animated movies of all time.

Wall-E (2008)
Presented to you by Pixar Animation, this movie has charming animation, a wonderful soundtrack and a storyline, which is out of the world. So is the setting of the movie, in space! Humans have abandoned Earth because it is exploding with garbage, a future is neither too unrealistic nor too distinct. Wall-E is one of the garbage disposal machines that have been left behind to clean the mess; however, sadly, he is the only one functioning. Alone in this world, his life is rather monotonous and simple, until he meets Eva. Immediately his “heart” is stolen and Wall-E is in love with Eva who is at first hostile and then befriends him. Off they go to Axiom, the plant to which Eva belongs. What follows is an adventure in full swing and romance in a unique way. This movie is must watch for all the science fiction, drama, romance or animation lovers, basically everyone.

How To Train Your Dragon (2010)
A DreamWorks production, a highflying adventure and a movie that you will be craving to watch repeatedly. Yes, the storyline of “How to Train Your Dragon” is as unique as its title. Among animation movies revolving around dogs and cats, this film proves that even dragons can be adorable apart from being intruding. In a Viking village, inhabited by villagers who are sturdy, strong and fearless, there is fragile boy Hiccup. He is tiny, unlike everyone else; foolhardy, because he is desperate to prove himself and adorable in his careless ways. His village is always at war with dragons, and during one such fight Hiccup strikes off a vicious dragon- Toothless. No is one ready to believe it but Hiccup goes to track him down. However, as fate would have it, Hiccup is unable to kill Toothless and ends up befriending him. The rest of the tale revolves around their budding friendship and acceptance in the village that has considered dragons dangerous for centuries. As more mystery about dragons unfold and adventure builds up, this movie will leave you asking for more. What more? There is a sequel to catch too.

UP (2009)
If you have not watched this movie yet, you are definitely missing on something in life! Another top-notch production by Pixar Animation, this movie is heartfelt, mature and yet joyful in the most unique ways. The rumors about this movie are all true, it will both break your heart and make you fall in love with it, 3 minutes into the movie. The storyline is about a 78-year-old retired man, whose childhood sweetheart is no more. He has become isolated and impertinent, allowing to the circumstances. One day, remembering the promise to his deceased wife Ellie, he decides to visit South Africa. What more? He decides to take his house with himself by tying it to a thousand helium balloons! The twist? A young, 8-year-old boy happens to be in his porch when he floated. Their journey filled with adventure, a ting of humor and character development, which will make you fall in love. This colorful animation is package in itself!

Ratatouille (2007)
Another Pixar’s masterpiece, this movie apart from having a unique name, also has a unique plot. While rats are despised in the kitchen, this particular rat, Remy, dreams of becoming a renowned chief despite the odds. In parallel is a careless boy, who is not-so-passionate about cooking, who turns into a chief by chance. When these both characters discover each other, they start working for each other’s benefit. While Rumy guides the moments of Alfredo by sitting in his hat and pulling his hair, Alfredo provides him the opportunity to be able to fulfill his heart’s utmost desire: to cook. The twists in this movie are unending and the animation is near-to-perfect. So, grab your popcorn and sit back to see a skilled mouse create delicious dishes.

Tangled (2010)
A modern remake of classic Rapunzel, its storyline will tangle you into it! The 50th animation movie by Disney, it definitely marks the beginning of revolutionized princesses who revolt, pave their way out and do not fall in love at first sight. Trapped in a tall tower, unknown that she is the princess of the kingdom, hidden away from the real world and with magical long hair that has healing properties, the story is just the same. Yet, the twits are many, the animation is delicious, the humor is witty and Rapunzel is no more a helpless princess but a woman out to discover secrets about herself. Even romance in this film has an edge to it- the love story of a bandit and a princess- it surely revolves around the theme: opposites attract. Grab your seats, for you are going to be tangled in love with this movie.

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