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Just like every multinational organization has a history it beholds, similarly, their logos have a cryptic message that most of us fail to understand. With that being said, why not let's debunk the secrets behind these aesthetics logos.

Apple Inc.
Even an eaten apple had some hidden meanings? Ever thought? But it has. Just like every new iPhone has something surprising, the logo has something interesting. This apple represents the apple from the Tree of Knowledge in the Biblical creation story of Adam and Eve. The eaten portion of the apple symbolizes the bite taken by Eve.

This logo is very creative. If you look closely, you will see the arrow between the letters E and X, which represents the company’s forward-thinking ways and outlook towards the future. Impressed? I surely was.

If there was an award for the most confident and imaginative logo, this has to be the one. The Tri-Star represents the company’s dominance in quality and style over all things in land, sea, and air. Surely, they achieved their aim. Today, Mercedes-Benz is a symbol of luxury and quality.

One of the most trolled vehicle manufacturers for its motto, Das Auto, in India, this company is also one of the most trusted in the Indian automobile market with 1 in every 5 cars being a Volkswagen. But what about the logo? It’s flashy yet simple. The V stands for volks which means people and the W stands for wages which means car, both in German. It’s the car for the people! Well obviously cars will be driven by people only, we cannot expect animals to drive.

Formula 1 racing
Formula 1 racing, commonly known as F1 has an interesting logo. The black F is for Formula and the red pattern signifying speed on display. Then where did the 1 go? Look closely at the white space between the two elements. Yes! Peek-a-boo! Congratulations, you just found the 1.

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