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Space and astronomy excite everyone, we all crave to know what happens beyond the sky, don’t we? The sheer excitement of knowing about the outer space is something that is inexplicable, its dimensions and aspects are just unreal. Maybe, this is the reason that most of the creative peeps out there take up space as their subject to carve something beautiful around it because they know that this topic is a sure shot hit among the masses.
Following the same line, a very talented photographer (2bplusphoto) recently created an editorial titled: “Models in Space: Paris, We Have a Problem!” The artist visualised a scenario where catwalks or fashion show would be happening in space and the results are fantastic!
The artist says: “It depicts what would happen if the catwalks of Paris collided with Star Wars - an unforgettable editorial with its colorful scenes. It is a glimpse into a world where clones protect the high powered and floating in outer space is the norm.The scenes are interesting, mysterious and open to interpretation. One can only guess what the woman pointing to the map of the Earth is saying, or what the button another one presses is for. I provide viewers with a flexible storyline, ultimately determined by their own imagination.”
Here are some of the best pictures from the series:-

1). Dive Into Zero Gravity

2). Legit Star War Feels

3). Straight From A Sc-Fi Film

4). This Looks Very Edgy

5). Some Glitzy Affair, Eh!

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- Shivam
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