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Life is seamlessly funny, time and again, it throws really eccentric situations at us and while we don’t really observe them very carefully, they are indeed hilarious AF.
There are many regular things that we don’t realize can be a source to our everyday humour quotient. So, today I decided to compile up some everyday situations that you don’t really observe but you should because it’ll make you laugh like a maniac:-

1). Dear Computer, I Have Always Been Good To You Then Why’d You Do Something Like This To Me, Like Why?

2). And, We All Have Been There And Faced This Odd Yet Hysterical Situation, Right?

3). It Gets Really Awkward, To Be Honest! I Mean How Disrespectful It’d Look To Ask Them Their Name Once Again, Real Dilemma!

4). As I Am Writing This, I Am Getting Extremely Awkward Flashes Of My Past And Trust Me It Is Making Me Uncomfortable Like Anything

5). The Misconception Of Being ‘Kishore Kumar’ VS The Reality Of Being ‘Honey Singh’; We All Have Faced It!

So, you see we have a lot of comical instances happening around us, all you gotta do is keep your eyes wide open and senses alert like anything. If you got any such observation, share it and spread some laughs!
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- Shivam
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