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Masala Chai is a nationally most loved tea in India. Pretty much every tea sweetheart feels weak at the knees over this flavorful chai which is made by including various flavors which have a restorative effect on the body. It is a perfect rainstorm formula and is cherished in winter also.
The most effective method to Make the Perfect Cup of Masala Chai
My most loved formula for masala chai is one that my relative makes. It is sharpened by impulse and culminated by involvement.
For 2 mugs
Fixings: some Water, some Milk, 1.5 tsp of Black tea, 1 tsp of Ginger (ground), 5-6 Tulsi leaves
1. In a container, heat up the water and milk together. Include the naturally ground ginger.
2. When it begins bubbling (and not before that), include the tea leaves.
3. Bubble on low warmth for around 2 minutes. Include tulsi and mix.
4. Keep bubbling on low warmth till the shading begins changing and the consistency turns into somewhat less watery (another 2-3 minute).
5. Strain and serve hot.
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