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I have grown up seeing my father organising and managing so many events and celebrations of my family. Some of these responsibilities were taken by him on his own while some of them were added responsibilities which probably circumstances imposed on him. The point is not how well he handled all those events held in my family as well as in the extended families but cache here is the dilemmas which he and other people like him to go through who not only think about themselves but they rather they find pleasure in doing something for others.

With the concept of nuclear families and urbanisation, people have so become self-centred that you will hardly find any who think about others. From my childhood, I have seen how there were fights in my family because my father used to think about others before thinking about him or his own family. From organising the big events to doing little chores like bringing vegetables and fruits he was ever-ready to provide his selfless service to everyone but what people did was took advantage of him rather than being thankful to him.

This is the harsh reality of our society that if you are extra nice they would take advantage of you. So you are the looser who is losing from both sides because neither will your family understand you because you are thinking about others and the people for whom who sacrificed your happiness are so mean to understand the good done by you.

We really cannot change those mean people but the person who thinks about others definitely needs encouragement which obviously his family can provide. So think before you say those harsh words otherwise humanity will disappear from this world.

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Author- Neha Wadhwa
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