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As a child, we have had so many expectations from our parents right from our childhood. Why? Because they are parents and that reason is enough for us to have those high levels of expectations from them. Along with the high-level expectations, we have never ending complains about our parents for not fulfilling our XYZ wishes but wait and have a pause in your life to think what have you done for your parents or what are you really doing?

Let me help you a bit in this. Okay, how many of you have ever thought about things which make your parents happy? Did you ever ask them what are their likes and dislikes? What do they expect from us? I guess the answer is negative for all of these questions. Kudos to you if you have thought about your parents but believe me there are very fewer numbers who actually do this.

Okay next, before assuming that your parents don’t love you because they did not fulfil your XYZ wish Did you ever ask what was their reason for not doing that? Are you aware of how much struggle do they do go every day and do you know their journey and what they have done to fulfil every little wish of you? Well if you think that being the parent it is their duty then you are absolutely wrong in thinking like that and you need to change your perceptive in life before it’s too late.

Next time you compare your parents with the parents of others thinks about their journey rather than just thinking about the end product. Will you do that?

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Author- Neha Wadhwa
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