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From stand-up comedians to news reports, from so-called funny YouTube videos to disdainful casual sexism jokes, chauvinists have pushed the stereotype of portraying women as shitty drivers and emphasizing their girly habits and traits to be distractions while being on the road. The biggest joke of the year is for assigning our basic gene structure to be the major reason behind all our so-called uncanny activities. Really? All these allegations are totally wrong, but Alas! Still, these cliches prevail. So here are stereotypes about women drivers that should be debunked:

We suck at it
Nope. Empirically untrue! Women are believed to be incompetent drivers, no arguments or points taken while a report compiled by Delhi Traffic Police reveals that woman drivers cause less than 2% of all fatal road mishaps in the city and their involvement in accidents has dropped in the past few years despite more women taking the wheel.

We don’t care about performance

It is believed that women don’t care much about the details of the car but that again in a complete untruth. Women as compared to men take more time in deciding which car to buy with deeper analytics of each and every function and costing making them efficient buyers as said by most dealerships and sales personnel who say that women ask 3 times more questions when purchasing a vehicle than men do.

We apply makeup while driving

Agreed to the point! But we do it only because we can! We are born multi-taskers and can easily handle doing two or more things at the same time, take a look at any working women’s routine and you will get your answers. According to data from Australian insurance provider AAMI, men are more likely than women to have lost concentration while changing the car stereo (42% versus 38%), and more likely to use their cell phones without a hands-free accessory (21% versus 16%).

We are incompetent drivers

The stereotype often points out that despite men driving rashly they are competent divers causing fewer accidents while women due to their slow responsive system and slow speeds lead to more accidents on the freeway. The speculation also leads to drinking and driving cases.

In the analysis of people who drive while speeding, NHTSA showed that nearly twice as many men 34 years or younger die in speeding crashes than women in the same age bracket. The FBI also released numbers that showed more men drink and drive.

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