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The attitude of people towards menstruation, although fast changing in certain parts of the society, has managed to remain extremely judgmental and downright wrong in a vast population. Bizarre beliefs and traditions drive the attitude of people towards a bleeding woman. While already suffering from pain, ridiculous mood swings and killing cramps, she also has to face the jibes of the society. Here is a rundown of some of the strangest menstruation traditions from around the globe.

Goat Slaughter: South Africa

South Africa has a special ritual for when a girl starts menstruating for the first time. When a girl reaches maturity, which is considered to be the time she gets her first period in Africa, she must cover her head with a blanket and hide till sunset. The menstruating girl is secluded from her friends and a goat is slaughtered. Lessons of womanhood then are given to her by the other women of the community, the next day.

No intercourse: Bali

In Bali, a woman on her cycle is not allowed the enter the kitchen, neither is she allowed to worship. Even intercourse during these days is forbidden, because of the belief that a menstruating woman is impure. She sleeps apart from her family and her clothes are kept away from those at work in the temple.

No Bathing in Afghanistan

It is believed in Afghanistan, that if a woman showers or cleans herself during her periods, she will become infertile. Not only is this belief extremely unhygienic but also can lead to various infections and complications.

Chaupadi tradition of Nepal

Women on their menstruation cycle in rural parts of Nepal are isolated from everyone, even family. A woman is not allowed to go to public places or they may contaminate everyone. A woman on her cycle is considered to be ‘impure’.

No preparation of Sushi in Japan

Some people in Japan hold a belief that a woman during her periods should not be allowed to prepare Sushi, because she has ‘taste imbalance’, while she is on her period.

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