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Every coin has two sides, So no matter how many reasons you have to hate your elder sister, here I am going to give you a few for loving her.

1. You may show off as a stud but only she knows your reality.

You may show off your machismo in front of other girls but only she knows your truth, your weaknesses, your dirty little secrets and your most embarrassing moments.

2. Your biggest critic but the best supporter.

She may say anything to you but wouldn’t bear even a single word spoken against you.

3. Your private and personal bank for all your dates

If you have no money left and a girlfriend to go on a date with, she would loan you money without a clear return policy.

4. Your personal diary where you can confide anything.

You want somebody to know every single bit of information about you and your day but then nobody is interested. That is when your sister comes to your rescue.

5. Your protection shield.

Even if you did something wrong, she would take up your blame (OK, not always but yes she does at times.

6. Your styling expert.

No matter howsoever you may look, you would still ask her for opinion and obey her advice as an order.

7. Your back up plan.

No matter how serious or big the problem may be, you know that you have her as your backup and she can take on anybody just to save your ass.

8. You look up to her for every relationship advice.

Even if she is single still undoubtedly she is the best adviser for you because according to you nobody knows you better than her (which is true).

9. Your backbone for life and after.

The person who supports you in your every decision. She gives you the wings to dream and fly without fear.

10. You got someone to tie a Rakhi on your wrist.

You know her importance when you see those empty wrists on Rakshabandhan and no matter what the ritual is you still end up asking for gifts from her.

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