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As we all know that spring has come and we all are busy in putting winter clothes in and taking out our spring collection. But this spring season tries something that you have never tried. This time shop for more classic and on-trend dress options and try to add some layers (according to your place temperature) over your spring outfits.

Whether you are heading to the office or just going for chill-out weekend jaunt with friends, there is one behind the curtain scene trick that you should know. Stylists play the game of bringing out a polished look with the top layer. To elevate your look use some laying options, tie around your waist or throw it over your shoulder.

Let us see what experts are guiding us for the spring:

#1 Glory Of Blazer

Get summer blazers for carrying them with your daily boring office outfits to elevate the look in just seconds. Before throwing a chic blazer on your shoulders only with a dress you will look nice, but if used the trick you will look polished. They are just effortless and helps to show off the piece below.

#2 Sweater At Waist

Jumpsuits are so good, whenever you are not ready to invest so much on deciding what to wear, jump into your jumpsuit. Styling sweaters with jumpsuits are so trending and stylists love that because it gives your outfit a quick polished look.

#3 Strips With Trench

Trenches are so good, and this is the time for taking all your spring dresses out. Well, there are few closet pairing that experts love so much that is classic knit dress paired with a good trench. They are just so classic when pairing together.

Author-Simran Bhatnagar

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