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Indian mothers are an amalgamation of various different characteristics; they are fun, strict and caring all at the same time. They are the perfect blend of endless love, boundless anger, and reasonable restrictions. For, God could not be everywhere so he created mothers, and he gave them all their own unique edge.

The Stern Mom

Your phone has multiple locks, you have changed your boyfriend's name from Rahul to Gita, your Instagram is private and no one calls at your home because of the fear of interrogation from your mom. Cheers and good luck to you, for your type of mom is the “strict” mom. Probably the most common type when it comes to Indian mothers, you can identify her when you tell her about a funny life incident and it turns into a serious life lesson.

The Mommy Cool.

From relationship advice to teasing you in front of your crush, from deciding your dress for your date to the crying shoulder during a break-up, no, we aren’t talking about your best friend but rather your friend's mom! She is every ounce of fun and joy with a tinge of grownup experiences that she manages to convey to you with utter ease. Congratulations, for this type of mother, is rare to find but a pleasure to have.

MasterChef mom

When your tiffin gets finished even before the recess, when your friends prefer to hang out at your place because of the tantalizing food, and when the sole reason behind your increasing weight is home cooked food, you have been definitely blessed with the MasterChef mom! Her food is as yummy as it could be and you cannot help but wonder why her culinary skills didn’t pass on to you.

The Obsessive Cleanliness Mom

When your friends mention their room is a mess, they mean that their room is filled with clothes from over a week and food that has been lying around for days. However, when you mention that your room is a mess, what you actually mean is that your bedsheet has a little crease and your books are not arranged properly in the shelves. Yes, we are talking about the cleanliness freak mom, who needs everything the way it is in the house otherwise, doomsday is near.

The Fashionista Mom

Brown streaks, make up on point and outfits that are always well matched, the fashionista mom is a fashion blogger turned mother. She will know the fashion trends, brands and upcoming sales better than you ever will and give you a complex when it comes to applying eyeliner. Congratulations though, for you have the best shopping partner you could ask for.

The Bollywood Mom

She thinks of a lifetime ahead of time and even a small blunder becomes a plot twist in life when you are with her. Introducing the Bollywood mom aka the dramatic mom who always manages to make mountains out of molehills. If she slaps you thrice though, just think of it as a dramatic effect and carry on with life.

The Over-Protective Mom

She will ask you the 5 W’s and 1 H every time you step out of the house, when? Where? Why? What? How? She will take the numbers of your friend, her mother, her father, her brother and even her friend before you leave the house! She will be worried sick about your whereabouts and how you are when you are away from her. It might get irritating at times, but you cannot deny how loved it makes you feel.

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