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Pahadi girls, they glow like a bright fluorescent bulb but turn red when they are shy. You can clearly differentiate them from the rest of the crowd. If you are dating one here are a few more reasons to not lose them.

1) Don’t need makeup to cover up.

If you like your girl without a single layer of makeup, a mountain girl is perfect for you. She has all this natural glow adding to her flawless beauty.

2) She’s Adventurous

If you’re dating a pahadi girl chances are she is very adventurous. Hiking, Trekking or paragliding there is nothing that she would be afraid of trying.

3) Pro at driving

If she knows how to drive she’s gonna be better than most people you know. Used to treacherous and narrow mountain roads there is no place where she can’t roll her wheels.

4) She is not Materialistic

A pahadi girl is away from the materialistic modernized world when it comes to birthdays or anniversaries.

5) She’s a Fashionista

No matter what she wears, be it a loose traditional outfit or a fast fashion attire she manages to add the charm in everything.

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