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Nobody knows what women want, but you can eliminate something that they do not want in a guy by making some changes in the way you carry yourself and behave with others. Here are 6 things that turn off women that you should avoid at all cost.

Being Insecure

Insecurity is the most un-sexiest thing and the biggest turn-off, if you are one of those guys who is constantly asking questions like- Am I good looking? Do you still love me? Constantly needing reassurance then please stop that and be confident, Confidence is sexy.

Being Rude

Being rude to people who are doing a service to you like cashiers, store clerks, waiters etc. is a big turn off not only for women but for anyone for that matter. Try to be at your best behavior and be humble and kind to everyone. Give respect to people and their profession

Bad listener

Listening requires not only your ears but your eyes as well, look at her when she is talking to you. Avoid using a cellphone when you are out on a date and try to enjoy the moment without WhatsApp and Facebook. Never ever interrupt her when she is telling you something important and you don’t know what’s important so just never interrupt her that’s the golden rule.

Don't talk about your ex-girlfriend

Talking trash about your ex-girlfriend, usually, guys think that if they talk bad about their ex then the new person would feel that you are over your ex and this new girl is the one but the truth is it doesn’t work this way. Trash talking about your ex should be avoided, instead, keep it simple by saying something like ‘she was an amazing person but things didn’t work out between you two.

Personal hygiene

Uncut nails, body odor, bad breath, and the list goes on. They are overlooked by most of the guys and easily noticed by girls. These are the little things that you should be careful about because it will turn them off very fast.

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