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School life is something you’ll experience only once in your lifetime. You wouldn’t realize how cool your school life was until you get into your under graduation college or start working. Here are a few things we guarantee you miss about your school life; let the nostalgia sink in folks.

1. Friends

Friends were the only reason we felt the school was any better. They stood by us through all the good and bad. From annual sports day practices to not doing homework, from vexing the teacher to dealing with punishments, from fighting for Tiffin to paying off canteen debts together, we all miss our school time with our friends. And once we enter into our adult life we realize that school friends were the best and such friendship has a lifetime agreement. Even the worst of enemies in the school can become your well-wisher.

2. Decorating Your Books

Covering the books with oil sheets and sticking your favorite Barbie labels or bike labels on them was something we really enjoyed doing. Filling out our details on the labels with a sparkle pen was equally amazing.

3. Lunchtime

School lunchtimes were the best. Grabbing food items from each others boxes, gossiping about the Math teacher and then playing in the school ground – all filled with tons of fun. What could be better than those 45 minutes of a break as compared to an office break?

4. Trying To Impress Your Crush

Coming all the way down from the fourth floor to the second floor by taking the stairs, only to steal glances with your crush was something everyone has done. Oh, I am missing this so badly.

5. Reaching Home By 4:00 pm

When was the last time you reached home by 4 o’clock in the evening since you left school? Quite a difficult question to answer I guess. Oh, do you take any afternoon naps now?

6. Free Periods

Just in case you might have forgotten, free periods are those periods during which you do NOTHING. And if your free period was under your games teacher, it would have been the best day of the week for you. Your Science teacher is absent – free period. It’s raining on the ground during your games hour – free period. We get zero such periods in college.

7. Uniforms

Seriously, we didn’t have any such confusion about what to wear during our school days. Pick up the same uniform every day and keep going was our routine. Also, never felt judging someone for his/her fashion sense.

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