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In India, Cricket is worshipped like anything; so much so that some people go ahead to claim it a ‘religion’. The ‘Gentleman’s’ game enjoys a massive fan base in the country but sometimes these fans do things that don’t really fall in the ‘Gentleman’ category.
Here are 3 times when fans went crazy and crossed the boundaries for their favourite player:-

1). Fan Runs To Dhoni With The Indian Flag

This is the most recent scenario, where India was playing against New Zealand and from nowhere one of Thala’s fans surpassed the stadium security and came running towards Dhoni to touch his feet. The fan was holding the ‘National Flag’ in his hand and the flag was about to touch the ground, Dhoni saw this and immediately restricted the flag from falling. Some real patriotic feel there!

2). When A Fan Tried To Give A ‘Kiss Of Love’ To Kohli

So, Kohli was playing a Test match against West Indies and just then, an over-passionate fan came running towards the ground. He got a hold of Kohli and tried to kiss him on his face but Kohli managed to dodge his kiss and the security eventually threw the man out of the ground.

3). When A Fan Crossed The Stands To Touch Tendulkar’s Feet

Master Blaster was playing a Ranji match in 2013 when an unexpected visitor violated the players’ security and came on the ground to touch Sachin’s feet. He, then claimed that Sachin is no less than a god to him.

Well, guys, it’s good that you are someone’s die-hard fan but remember there is always a limit that you ought not to cross, ever!
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- Shivam
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