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Marriage is an institution where two people are conjoined with the bond of love. India, a country where people go by the phrase “Marriages are made in heaven”, but on the contrary, love marriages are considered a taboo. Here people are running in an endless and futile race to please the society by blindly following the bandwagon, even if it makes them sacrifice the interests of their beloved.

The short movie Unarranged has touched upon the simplest truth of life- ‘Marriage.’ Call it the misogyny or the short-coming of the Indian society, women, from the very beginning, are never allowed to take their own decisions. In some parts, even today girls aren’t allowed to choose their life-partners.

In this movie, the director Rahul Bhatnagar has essayed to bring out very beautifully the loopholes that persist in the Indian society even today. In this patriarchal sphere, where the boys are given at least one chance to choose their better-halves, girls are expected to obey to the decisions that their parents enforce upon them.

The 20 minutes motion picture revolves around the bride-to-be Tanya who is exasperated at the mere thought of her marrying a guy whom she barely knows. After a string of failed relationships, insecurity starts budding from beneath her and now when the D-day has arrived she is fuming with anger. Just then a knock at the door startles her. The groom-to-be who is a simple guy and a representative of the conservative section of the society confront her just to ask her if she is ready to spend the rest of her life with him.

The story takes a sharp twist when the two of them decide to flee from their wedding. In this small duration, they get to know each other and this shy guy wins over her by his simplicity and thought process. He hardly knows her and still respects her decision, unlike her parents who not even for once asked her what she desires. This is what impresses her and she agrees to marry him in the end.

It is a sweet and simple, short little movie wherein the flaws of the society have been highlighted while at the same time a beautiful picture of the budding love in an arranged marriage has been painted. Arrange marriages today are losing their true essence. This movie has revived our faith in them by bringing out its essence through the medium of love. With our advanced generation, we often tend to question our parents’ decision, a decision which often turns out to be an advantageous one for us.

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Moreover, the is deceptive as Tanya who thought him to be a pervert, who agreed to marry her just by seeing her photograph for once, turned out to be the one who actually helped her at last thus proving to be a perfect life-partner for her even in the future. Compatibility and understanding in a relationship is a must. A marriage lacking both will be a complete failure.

We often place the society above our own wishes, on our priority list. Thinking about what other people will say, we often tend to suppress our desires. The short-film attempts to change our views regarding the clichéd Indian norms that we follow blindly.

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