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What could a simple ride of Delhi Metro mean to somebody? A convenient way of reaching your destination safe and sound? Well possibly yes, but is this all that a Metro ride means to you? It's way more than you think because we don’t notice everything we see around. Here, let me give you some reasons which might actually make you think why it is called the ‘lifeline’ of Delhi and I am sure there’s at least one point with which you can relate yourself to.

It’s about having an exam tomorrow morning and knowing about it at midnight. So what are you going to do? Well, you can always do a quick revision in the metro.

It’s about teaching an elderly how to use their latest gadgets. After all, learning has no age, no bars. And everybody is excited about their first time.

It’s about the Ladies Coach where every man wants to go and those aunties gossiping over the vegetable prices and whom they saw their neighbor’s daughter. And everybody else busy with their phones.

It’s about sitting on the floor with your gang and enjoying it like a picnic spot. Also completing your homework copying from that one notebook.

It’s about love at first sight where you may just follow the person till his last station forgetting about where you were heading to.

It’s about the Rajiv Chock Metro Station after all we all have our own hangout places in CP. Never mind the crowd over there though.

It’s about that little child who would energize the entire cabin with her laughter and those cute little things she tries to do with the pole.metro

It’s about meeting old friends whom you might not have seen in ages or have no contact with. Well, it’s time to update your contacts.

It’s about that ‘For Ladies Only’ seat over which almost every man is afraid of sitting. Women power (sic).

It’s about that Shah Rukh Khan pose we make while checking in. Even if for once a day, we all get the feeling of being an actor.

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