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In a country like India where there are many uneducated people, it is an unfortunate fact that even educated people are not sane enough to recognize the fissures in the Education system. India’s education paradigm requires several notable changes. Well, it is a matter of dismay that those changes have still not been inculcated and henceforth the situation is deteriorating year by year. So here are 10 flaws about the Education Structure of India that are worth pondering upon:

1. Realize The Purpose Of Education

Reportedly, India has the largest number of engineering graduates in the world. However, the number of people who actually possess the skill set to innovate and develop is very less. This has to change. We need to design the education system in such a way that it encourages skill development and innovation.

2. Corruption In Admissions

Here we are talking about students who get admitted to colleges by paying the so-called ‘donations’. In other words, it is nothing but bribing the college and securing a seat. If it is not through talent that students get enrolled in professional colleges, then definitely we are not encouraging the correct talent.

3. Impersonalized Education

Like all five fingers are not the same, similarly, all the students will definitely not have the same understanding levels. Thus, the approach followed in teaching them should also not be the same. We need to find personalized ways of teaching children and educating them.

4. More Focus On Marks

Just because a student is a first grader in school or college, it doesn’t mean he or she is going to excel in his or her life. It is high time we realize that marks are just a part of the curriculum and do not decide a candidate’s intelligence level.

5. Usage Of Technology

In the current scenario where almost every house has smartphone users, it is necessary to make use of technology to deliver education to students. It makes learning an easy and simple process when appropriate technology is used.

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