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Don’t you think that getting married seems like it is all about photographs, in the age of Instagram where almost everyone is active and share their life’s beautiful moments? Before marriage many couples now shoot their pre-wedding shoot, it contains many beautiful pictures, videos and also it has a storyline and plot. You cannot just go to a place and take some pictures and consider it as your pre-wedding shoot.

We know that pre-wedding shoots are important for a couple, but they are also important for photographers because it has become a career option today. Couples today are attracting towards unique ideas of photo-shoots as they want to make some sweet memories and want to try something that reflects about their interests.

So as the business point of view, you are thinking about opening a pre-wedding shoot business or a location, you can earn a good profit in it. Just need to show your creativity. More your theme is creative better the chances you have to attract couples.

Let’s see what some of the themes are that liked by most of the couples-

1. Mini You

The miniature photo-shoots are the newest trend in the pre-wedding shoot list. This looks goofy and makes your pre-wedding album super cute and unique.

2. La La Land

I know La La Land pre-wedding shoot is the demand of many couples, as in this era of cinema everyone is getting filmy. So you can create a filmy background look for the couple.

3. Picnics and Love

Picnics are always lovable, if your clients are kind of people who love the park and doing these cute things, then picnic theme is the best.

4. Gourmet Couple

Are your clients believe in “stay together and cook together”? Go for this cute cooking theme for a pre-wedding shoot.

5. Art Enthusiasts

If you are an art enthusiast and create really good backgrounds then you may have a huge line of a couple standing to get their pre-wedding shoot done.

Author-Simran Bhatnagar

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