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The education system in India is in a desperate need of upgrades that could help it match the world standards that is parting ways from traditional learning. Education today is more about passing exams without having adequate knowledge about creativity that lies behind. Well, it is a matter of dismay that these changes have still not been inculcated and henceforth the situation is deteriorating year by year. With that being said, here are five flaws about the Education Structure of India that needs to be checked and transformed.

Away From Practical Application

Whatever is being taught in schools and colleges today is taught with a theoretical approach where everything is in words with no demonstrations. This approach has to move towards practicality where things are done and learned.

Reservation System

This is the most debated topic when it comes to education in India. Reservations remain healthy only to a certain extent. Non-reserved candidates though talented are not getting opportunities to prove themselves because of the improper implementation of the reservation system.

Unchanged Syllabus

Chapters in the textbooks and reference books still remain the same as they were in the last decade. It is important to update the syllabus from time to time in order to make the students aware of relevant things.

No Focus On Overall development

Mugging up things and writing them in the examinations simply doesn’t develop one’s mind. It is important to participate in all kinds of activities for the overall development of an individual.

Minimum Subject Choices

When it comes to any stream like medicine, law, engineering or arts the students get to choose from a limited number of options when compared to syllabi in other countries. This certainly needs to change to improve the exposure of students in multiple subjects.

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