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When they say that ‘broken is beautiful’, I think they are right. This new photo series by photographer Roman Robroek is a living example of the above statement. The talented photographer strolled around the streets of Italy and found abandoned places to eventually create a series that is extremely pleasing to the eyes.
Talking about his creative project, he said: “Photographing abandoned buildings in Italy is always a pleasure. This country has a special place in my heart, and it is my favourite country to visit. In the past couple of years, I’ve regularly visited Italy to photograph the amazing architecture of abandoned buildings from North to South. During my visits, I also gathered a collection of photos of breathtaking abandoned paintings and drawings in or on the buildings. Some of these paintings even cover the whole room, including the ceiling.”

Here are some of the best shots from his project:

1). Towards The Green Tint

This place is clearly giving me hues of melancholy and hope, do you feel the same?

2). Glitzy To The Core

I’ll Give Anything To Soak Myself In That Bath Tub

3). The Beauty Of The Ruins

The Depth Of This Frame Is Amazing

4). Paint It Right!

I Am Totally Hearing This Place

5). Why Would Someone Abandon This?

Look At The Alluring Walls, Man!

If you want to see more of Roman’s work, please feel free to follow him on his Facebook page, his page goes by the name ‘Casual Urbex’.
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- Shivam
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