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School life is a chapter that we cherish till our bodies start decaying (I might have exaggerated but that’s because I am reading a lot of literature these days, Sorry!).
I mean we don’t really have many responsibilities at that time and with a limited horizon we (do/get stuck into) things that become part of our drunk-time-stories in the future. Right from bunking assemblies to bribing prefects and engaging in tough fist fights; school life definitely gives us a lot to relish afterwards.
So, to celebrate the euphoria that ‘school-life’ is, I created some ‘laugh-till-you-drop’ memes, so let us get scrolling:-

1). Dear Prefect! How About You Go Back And Never Come Near To Me Because Honestly, You Are Annoying AF!

2). No, I Am Not That Worthless After All. Also, Never Under-Estimate Someone Kyuki Waqt Sabka Badalta Hai Adhyapak Ji!

3). When You Are All Set To Enjoy It All On The Ground But Then The Annoying Maths Teacher Appears From No Where To Take Up That The Precious P.T. Period

4). Let’s Face It, We All Have Been Here And Experienced This Feeling, Eh! And To Sprinkle Some Salt On Our Wounds, There Was Always This Guy Who Used To Come Out And Discuss The Whole God Damn Paper (Even The MCQs)

5). This Thing Hurts More Than A Thousand Bullets Or Swords Made Of Valyrian Steel

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Graphics: Vikas Kakkar
- Shivam
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