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A religious lifter has to go through a lot of sore muscles, joint aches and a hell lot of weariness; many times these problems act as a roadblock for the gym routine to flow easily and to cope these issues, I have bought you some ways to get rid of your tiredness and get stronger like a rock:-

1). Do Not Lay Like A Sack On Floor On The Recovery Day

After a rigorous training session, when you take a day off to relax your muscles, do not just lay there and call it relaxing. Keep doing some very light exercises or simple cardio session like running, in this way your muscles will experience some good blood flow and you’ll become more than ready for the coming gym session.

2). Meditation Is The Key

Body-Building is all about ‘mental balance and concentration’. When you are relishing a day off, make sure you do some meditation on that day so that you can open up your perspectives to increase your concentration level, it will help you lift heavy in the gym. Meditation also helps in calming down the ache and pain of muscles, so always value meditation.

3). Cheat Meal Is A Myth

If you want to achieve big muscles, you need to understand the fact that discipline is very important. If you are eating a fuck load of junk food as your supposed ‘cheat meal’, you ain’t gonna achieve what you dreamt of. A relaxing day is given to build the muscle fibres so even if you want to savour a cheat meal, make sure you are eating food cooked in olive oil and it contains good carbs.
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- Shivam
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