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Every relationship is beautiful in its own way. As one enters in a new relationship it seems beautiful than ever but as the relationship passes through the rough times only the real ones are able to survive. Why is that most of the relationship fails to stand for a longer period of time? The pace at which new relationships are made they are broken as well. The reasons are many. If you too don’t want to experience the same, it is necessary then you follow these tips…

1. Never neglect your partner when you are in a relationship.

Instead of regretting or late realising that you loved someone it is better that you do not neglect your partner when you are in a relationship. If you will spend quality time with your partner, then your relationship will stay even after it is broken.

2. Spending quality time is very important

When we are in a relationship we do not bother to understand what does our partner feel, thinks and want. All we care is about what we want, like and dislike. If you are also not giving due importance to each other’s liking, then it is very likely that your relationship will not stay longer.

3. You need to be expressive when you are in a relationship

Next, it is crucial that you are expressive in your relationship. It is important to express, say what you feel about each other even if you know it. It helps to make the relationship stay longer.

Thus if you really love someone then never let them go when you are in a relationship instead of regretting it later…….

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Author- Neha Wadhwa

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